Tim Morehouse Fencing Club

135 Pearl StreetPort Chester, NY 10573
Phone: 317-886-8243 (both clubs)
Business Hours: UWS: 11AM-8:30PM, Port Chester: 12PM-9PM Email: info@timmorehousefencing.comWebsite: Visit Website

Tim Morehouse Fencing Club teaches the Olympic sport of fencing, with clubs in New York City on the Upper West Side and Port Chester, New York. Tim is an Olympic Silver Medalist himself, with several other accomplished coaches offering world class training.

Business Review

This club and its stellar coaches are great at giving kids experiences that they can take with them far beyond the fencing strip. Discipline, the importance of teamwork, self-reliance and so much more are instilled from the start. Coaches Lance and Melvin especially are great at introducing anyone, kids and adults, to the basic techniques.”