Fast Fitness for Busy Moms

February 26, 2016



The last thing we feel like doing on a freezing cold day (assuming no kids at home) is to bundle up and head to the gym.  Or, if you do have young ones at home and you have that limited time, it’s unlikely you will choose to get on that treadmill in the basement and work out. 

Believe it or not, there are ways you can incorporate exercise into your day regardless of where you are, or what you’re doing! For example, did you ever think of doing pushups against the wall or counter while you’re waiting for the coffee to brew in the morning? How about standing up and sitting down in your chair (no holding onto the sides!) while you warm something up in the microwave? Have a set of stairs in your house?  Try walking up every other step each time you go upstairs?  These are just a few ways to get in those much needed exercises throughout the day. You do not need to carve out an hour to gain the benefits of exercise. IT ALL COUNTS!!

Moms are busy. It’s very typical to be multi-tasking at one time. Standing at the stove just making dinner? Hardly. It’s more likely that you are stirring the pot, interacting with the kids, answering the telephone and throwing in loads of laundry.  Our bodies need to be able to sustain moving in many directions quickly without falling. A simple exercise to challenge your balance is while brushing your teeth in the morning ,stand on one leg and lift the other knee up and down without  letting that foot touch  the floor.  This exercise forces your abdominals to engage while balancing.

Stuck at home doing chores? When you vacuum do lunges with each stroke forward and backward. And picking up toys from the floor is an easy way to get in an extra squat  vs bending over, which also minimizes strain on your back . Even when you’re in bed, lie on your side and do leg lifts on each side. Aim to do 12-20 of each exercise throughout the day.  Be aware of any injuries you have and limit exercise accordingly. 

We don’t always have the luxury (or desire) to go to  the gym.  Adding these exercises into your daily regimen will certainly be a way to strengthen and tone those muscles without missing a beat!  Celebrate all that you can do for yourself- IT ALL ADDS UP!

For more information or to get customized fitness instruction, contact Jamie Levine at B.A.B.Y.(Birth and Beyond Years) Health and Fitness Programs.